Spouse Visa

Spouse visas are also the most popular visa category in the immigration industry. This is the type of visa that reunites families. Living together after marriage is something most couples take for granted, however, for those born in different nations, it is a freedom, which is not always simply allowed. It is needed when your partner wants to have access to your chosen country like Canada, Europe, New Zealand, US, Australia, or any other.

There are many conditions for this visa that may vary from country to country, every couple needs to understand and meet to get its grant. Some general conditions are mentioned below:

  • You both must have an age of 18 years or above,
  • You must be legally married,
  • You must have a tendency to reside together,
  • You must have the appropriate accommodation for you and your wife, as well as, any dependent children,
  • You must be financially stable to support you and your partner along with your dependent kids without using public funds,
  • Your wife or husband must fulfill the English language requirements according to a particular country.

To know more about the requirements for a spouse visa, you can directly come to us and we will assign you a counselor or advisor who will take care of the application process along with the legal formalities.

How can we help you?

Our team of advisors and other professionals are completely known to different requirements set by a particular country and we try to stay up-to-date. When we work on any application, we make sure that there will be no loopholes in it so that an authorized officer can get a chance to reject the application. Hence, by understanding the terms and conditions for a partner visa, we are always ready to support you to make your spouse visa application successful.

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