Family Dependent Visa

Many people prefer going to abroad as they want to settle their families and give them a superior standard of living. For them, family dependent visa is one of the most popular and reliable visa types that they can consider. With the help of this visa, permanent residents, professionals, students, and many other types of people can bring their family to a different abroad country, in which they are currently residing. Do you have any hassles while making this decision and giving it a reality check? If yes, then we are the leading company in the immigration industry offering a chance to settle down abroad using a family dependent visa.

We can understand the intricacies of the family dependent visa so that you and your family can get reunited and build a joyful family in a foreign country.

Types of family dependent visa

Based on a particular country, there are two different types of family dependent visas being offered. These are:

  • Permanent family dependent visa: It is for children under the age of 18 years to 21 years and for spouses. These are considered as the immigration dependents.
  • Temporary visa: It is for working people, students, intra-company transfer employees, and fiancés.

To get a visa approval under this category, every applicant needs to meet some eligibility criteria that we can assist them in realizing and making it proven true. Some conditions are:

  • An applicant must have a legal and valid passport
  • Proof of work and income of the sponsor
  • The sponsor must have sufficient financial stability to aid the dependents
  • Medical examination and proof of enough insurance for dependents
  • Application to be filed with an enclosed fee

Take our support!

We, at Go4Trip, have the necessary resources and tools to help our clients interested in having a family dependent visa. With our expertise and apprehension, we span countries and areas and support our clients in giving what they are looking to. We help such as:

  • Check the listing of documents
  • Giving aid to collect supporting documents
  • Supporting in the completion of the visa application
  • Visa interview preparation
  • Giving updates and follow-ups with the consulting officer

Explore us to know how we can give you the right platform to boost your application’s success chances.

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