Students Study Visa Services

Are you seeking an immigration provider that has study visa services to offer? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We are the professionals in the immigration and consultancy sector. We have a team of highly talented and professional staff, which apprehend the value of the talent of the students, as well as, the hard-earned money of their parents. Due to our greater reputation in the market, we have assisted thousands of our clients with our dedication and hard efforts. Our association with well-equipped working places, universities, and colleges in different parts of the world like US, Canada, Australia, etc. is a remarkable feature of our services.

Why choose us?

We, at Go4trip, have a wide range of services related to immigration and visa to meet the varied needs of our clients coming to us from various parts of the globe. We use the all-in-one concept to make our clients happy and satisfied with our visa services. When it comes to the study visa services for students, we offer the best solution that may include all the necessary steps required to make a study visa successful in each and every aspect.

Our student study visa services are categorized into two different parts, i.e. Pre Visa and Post Visa Services. Take a look at them:

Pre-Visa Services

  • Firstly, our immigration expert team guides the applicant during the entire application process and assist him or her to secure admission in any of the preferred college/university/school.
  • Counseling is done at different stages including filing, interviewing, medical examination, and visa.
  • We help students to meet the on-going requirements by the visa center.
  • Documentation experts at our office prepare Statement of Purpose for our clients and start working on the whole application on their behalf.
  • Telephone consultation and email inquiries are completely done.
  • Telephone consultation and email inquiries are completely done.
  • Application status’s tracking.

Post-Visa Services

  • Free pick-ups from airports
  • Provide cheaper accommodations
  • Complete support to students for financial guidance
  • Orientation support regarding education, country’s lifestyle, work environment, resume preparation, etc.

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