With a free entry in Russia, Indian travelers can explore different sightseeing places and do a number of exciting activities. It is a great opportunity for Indians that they can apply for a single-entry tourist visa, business visa, and humanitarian visa online or with the help of an immigration consultant. The online application is being processed in just 4 days, hence, it is important to apply it 20 days before the travel date and it has a validity period of 30 days.
Therefore, if you want to pack your bags for Russia after getting a travel visa, then getting a memorable experience with the below-mentioned things would be a great idea. Check them out:
⦁ Get a canal trip
There are plenty of canals in Russia, one of the most popular activities to do in St. Petersburg is to get ready for a canal tour. One can find 800 bridges that cross the total length of 300km of artificial canals.
⦁ Visit Military Disneyland
Are you fond of military types of equipment and gadgets? If yes, then you are going to avail unforgettable experience by going to Military Disneyland located in Kubinka, Moscow. Here, you can feel the experience as an army man for a few hours. Activities to do include dining on army ration, checking out surface-to-air missiles, and playing with grenade launchers.
⦁ A peaceful walk at Kizhi Island
As we plan for a vacation to burst stress, nothing than walking with your partner in the lap of nature can give you a perfect place. Kizhi Island is a popular island, where most of the nature lovers come and get their quality times. There are some churches that are made of wood in architectural design.
⦁ Get a colorful time at psychedelic salt mines
Visit Yekaterinburg in Russia and start observing the surreal twirls of carnallite minerals, which are found 650ft under the ground. You can enjoy seeing the beautiful designs of salt mines with different colors like blue, red, white, yellow, etc. These mines have their distinct patterns that are quite surprising to see.
⦁ Skiing activity at Red Valley
Another activity you can do at Red Valley in Russia is skiing. It is a serious and somehow, dangerous activity. If you are not afraid of heights, then it is the best activity to do. This mini paradise should not be missed at all if you are an adventurous person.
⦁ Go to ‘Amber Room’
It was originally a chamber in the Catherine Palace that was installed in Berlin. It was considered a gift to Peter, the Great. It is one of the most attractive places that were remained as a secret to protect the gem from the Nazi Army. The most interesting thing about this room is that it has mirror panels and leaves, all are of gold. If you are an art lover, then it is a wonderful piece of art to notice.
So, don’t waste your time, if you are already applied for a tourist visa in Russia, then know more about these places in advance, giving a better and quality experience for your entire life. Do you need support while filing an application to this place? Then, contact Go4trip now.